Lorna and Albert look forward to sharing their vacation rentals in Volcano, Hawaii with you.

When Lorna was younger her family moved away from Hawai’i Island to O’ahu. She always dreamed of returning, and in the mid-eighties her dream came true. Experience Lorna and Albert’s vacation rentals in Volcano Hawai’i just one mile from Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

1985 – When Albert and Lorna were dating, she brought him to Hawai’i Island and to Volcano Village. He loved everything about the area: The Village, National Park hiking trails, picnic areas, and the residents they met. Over a very good bottle of champagne, Albert proposed.

1986 – A year later they returned to Volcano Village on their honeymoon.  Albert was an Emmy award winning make up artist who last worked on Magnum PI. He knew the show was destined to close at some time and he debated his next job, most likely back in Los Angeles. They decided to do something wild, like buy the old YMCA in the Village and switch careers!

1987 and beyond – Thus began their 30 + year adventure owning and managing Kilauea Lodge, Albert as Chef, and Lorna as hotelier.  Over the years they bought interesting houses in the area to use as part of the Lodge inventory.

Now – In retirement from Kilauea Lodge, they are the owners/operators of two fully licensed cottages and continue to share their love of Hawai’i with Kama’aina and visitors.

For the last 30 years, Lorna and Albert have been providing comfortable, welcoming accommodations to Kama’aina and travelers visiting Volcano Village and Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. They continue that tradition today by offering their two cottages (formerly of Kilauea Lodge) with aloha to those visiting the area for the first time and to those who return to this special place again and again.