Mother Theresa once said “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”

And here in Volcano, Hawai’i, the Lili House Farm embodies this concept. 

Nestled on the slopes of majestic Mauna Loa, the Lili House Farm is a 20-acre family farm in the agricultural area of Volcano on Hawai’i Island. In the rural beauty of this corner of Hawai’i, stress melts away in the gentle sun shining down on a lush stretch of land that is home to cows, chickens, baby bunnies, pigs, goats, lambs, and more!  

Visitors to Lili House are greeted with an aloha from Danielle and Kainoa Iranon, where your first taste of the farm begins as you sip warm tea in front of an outdoor fireplace in between bites of homemade berry scones, freshly baked by Danielle and her daughter, Kiana. As you begin the farm tour, you’ll quickly realize that a visit to the Lili House Farm is more than a photo opp.

“At the Lili House Farm, we believe that as we are good stewards of the land, it will be a source that gives back to us in many ways,” says Hawai’i Island-born and raised Kainoa Iranon. “This is something we love to share with the people who visit in hopes of inspiring them to do the same.”

And now there are more ways than ever to be inspired during your time at Lili House! With over 20 years of active experience working in farm settings, Kainoa, Danielle, and their six kids, Kiana, Isaiah, Tryton, Aurelius, Legend, and Valor, are passionate about showing residents and visitors alike just how easy it is to make loving connections with nature and animals that dissolve stress, bring comfort, and create memories that last a lifetime.

If you’re visiting the Big Island during the holiday season, consider gifting your family a fun, magical experience at Lili House. Choose from these unforgettable packages. 

Petting Zoo Tour

On this tour, you will take a leisurely walking farm tour. Along the way, you can play and interact with the most friendly farm animals. From baby Holland Lop bunnies to fuzzy kunekune pigs, dwarf goats, a mini donkey, lambs, and tortoises, this is an experience that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of everyone in your family. 

Country Style Teatime & Petting Zoo Tour

The Lili House Farm takes teatime to another level, offering tea, a VIP tour of our farm, and access to the petting zoo. You will be able to interact and play with the lovable farm animals one-on-one while on a guided walking tour of the farm grounds. Relax while enjoying a country-style teatime with homemade bread, scones, hand-shaken butter, and delicious jam. This tour also includes full access to an espresso bar with unlimited coffee, cocoa, and a selection of local and international teas. 

Private Teatime Package

Sometimes all you need is a bunny in your arms and a peaceful teatime with your loved ones… and you’ll discover all that and more with the farm’s Private Teatime. Set in a private atmosphere, your group can enjoy the casual ambiance of a country-style teatime and zoo tour for up to 24 people. Bring your own food or savor homemade bread and scones, hand-shaken butter, and berry jam, as well as unlimited coffee, cocoa, and a selection of local and international teas, from the espresso bar.

VIP Forest Flora and Farm Fauna Tour

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the Lili House farm, then you need to check out one of their newest tours, the Forest Flora and Farm Fauna Tour! You’ll experience both the ongoing development of a commercial forest farm as well as untouched, native Hawaiian rainforest and Māmaki groves at Hawaii Forest Farms, before sampling an assortment of Māmaki tea. From there, you’ll head to the Lili House Farm for a walking farm tour, meeting farm animals that the whole family will fall in love with along the way. 

Wrap up the tour with a Country Style Tea Time featuring homemade bread, blueberry scones, hand-shaken butter, strawberry jam, and more. After visiting two farms in one tour, you’ll understand how being thankful comes naturally after spending time in nature.

Venue Rental

If you’re traveling to Hawai’i Island with a group or for a special occasion (destination wedding anyone?) and you’d like to celebrate in a stunning, rustic setting in Hawai’i, Lili House can also be rented as a venue. With access to the entire petting zoo and to the farm’s benches and tables as well, your group or guests will have the celebration of a lifetime. 

Book Your Stay

From fresh bread and scones to newborn bunnies and exquisite views, the Lili House Farm will both relax and refresh you. If you’re on Hawai’i Island and would like to reconnect with nature and schedule a farm tour, visit the Lili House Farm Tour Packages. Our cozy cottages, Tutu’s Place and the Ola’a House, are conveniently located within minutes of Lili House, so book your stay today!