It’s a new year and for many of us, we’re nearly a month into pursuing our New Year’s Resolutions. Having a routine always seems to help in adhering to those resolutions, but that can be challenging when on vacation… Unless you’re visiting Volcano, Hawai’i.

If you’re planning a trip to the Big Island in 2023, you don’t have to compromise! Here are a few ways to stay committed to your New Year’s Resolution while having an unforgettable Volcano vacation:

Get Fit

Finding time to workout while you’re on vacation isn’t always easy, but it is possible if you’re willing to trade that exercise class or time at the gym for fresh air and endless trails. Head to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park at sunset and hike to a lookout where the sight of Kilauea’s eruption will take your breath away. Or gaze into a vent that once spewed fountains of molten lava in the air while logging some miles on the Kīlauea Iki Trail

You can also venture to Hawai’i Volcano National Park’s Kahuku Unit in Ka’u for a short, but challenging climb to the top of Pu‘u o Lokuana cinder cone. Enjoy one of the best panoramic views in Kahuku while hiking on the Palm Trail or take the Glover Trail to the edge of a massive pit crater. If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, consider a guided nature walk through the native rainforest surrounding the Volcano Art Center, just minutes from  Volcano Heritage Cottages.  

Eat Healthier

Taking a Hawai’i vacation doesn’t mean you have to abandon your health goals. To keep your meals nutritious, just add organic fruits or veggies. Discover the freshest, island-grown produce at Volcano Farmers’ Market. You can also pick up farm-fresh eggs, freshly baked sourdough bread, fresh strawberries and blueberries, and mangoes in season. These healthy bites are always popular, so get there early or you may miss out! 

Your taste buds will also appreciate Volcano’s Evening Market. From Wynnwood Farms’ Midnight Starlight lychee tea blend and B Juicy’s peach strawberry smoothie to fresh sprouts and pink oyster mushrooms from HI Five Farms, there are copious nutritious options to choose from. While you’re there, you may even be able to destress with a massage from Hope Williamson. And speaking of massages…

Reduce Stress

Your New Year’s Resolution was to minimize the stress in your life so you’re doing yoga, meditating, journaling, and taking deep breaths to relax when you’re stuck in traffic. And now you’re planning a vacation to Hawai’i Island and looking forward to some serious stress reduction! If you’re staying in Volcano and you want to melt all that stress away, book a lomilomi massage at Hale Ho’ola. While they offer several massage treatments, lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage which offers a rhythmic therapeutic experience that benefits your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Here’s another unique way to alleviate stress: Visit the Lili House Farm! It’s true, 

playing with animals can elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, which produces a 

calming effect. And since hugging or petting a furry or feathery friend has been shown to relieve stress by lowering blood pressure, a couple hours at this nearby farm is sure to leave you feeling relaxed. 

Get More Sleep

This goal always seems to be one of the hardest resolutions to keep. There always seems to be one more message to reply to or chore to do or other reason to stay up too late. Or maybe you have no trouble getting to bed on time, but you lay there tossing and turning because your mind won’t shut off. All that’s about to change! 

Imagine sipping some tea you picked up at the Farmer’s Market while you unwind in front of the cozy fireplace. There’s a subtle chill in the air now that the sun’s gone down, making it perfect for curling up under the covers. Once you do, you hear a gentle rain falling in the rain forest outside and it sings you to sleep. And you awake the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for your next Big Island adventure. 

This is not a dream – It’s just another night at Volcano Heritage Cottages. You almost can’t help having a good night sleep! 

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is an admirable goal that can actually protect the health of your brain while exposing you to a new culture. And while speaking fluent Hawaiian might take years of practice, you can learn more than “Aloha” while on your Hawai’i Island vacation.

Enter hula – It’s so much more than a dance! In fact, hula is attributed to the regaining of the Native Hawaiian language that was banned in 1896 (only being reinitroduced to local schools in the 1980s). The language is studied with intensity by those who perform the hula, as all the oli (chant) and songs are in Hawaiian. 

And here in Volcano, you can learn about the oli, choreography, and traditions that have kept the Hawaiian language alive at one of the Volcano Arts Center’s Hula Arts programs. Typically scheduled on the first Wednesday of each month, Hula Voices is a free program that offers an engaging ‘talk story’ session with Hawaiʻi Island’s kumu hula who share how their genealogy, songs, and experiences are rooted in the ancient Hawaiian language and practice of hula.

One Saturday every month, the center welcomes hula hālau (schools) from around the country to share kahiko, the traditional form of hula and oli, through a Hula Kahiko performance. Experience ancient Hawaiian sounds, dance, and rhythms while facing Halemaʻumaʻu crater, home to the volcano goddess Pele.

And every Friday, you can participate in an Aloha Friday Cultural Demonstration on the porch of VAC’s Gallery. You’ll learn so much more than a few words as Hawaiian practitioners share their culture with storytelling and hands-on activities, including lei making, kapa beating, lauhala weaving, hula, and ʻukulele playing. 

Whether you want to visit the Farmer’s Market for some delicious, healthy eats or you’re ready for an invigorarting hike in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, a stay at our charming cottages in Volcano, HI will give you the opportunity to recommit to your New Year’s Resolutions. Book your stay today at Tutu’s Place or the Ola’a House and have a Happy 2023!